Last day of proper climbs – wh-hoo!

Significant milestone achieved today as our adventure gets closer and closer to completion. According to our guidebook we have no more ascents or descents greater than 200 ft now, which is good news as today’s ride was an epic one – especially the final 2 mile descent.
As you are aware we’ve been very worried about overheating brakes causing our tyres to explode. Well on the final descent today we sort of had a catch 22 situation. To start with, it was a warm afternoon and we had a strong tailwind down the descent. Whilst the road wasn’t windy, with a 7% gradient, we gathered speed – fast. I tried to keep our speed below 35 mph but had to brake too much to do this and obviously too much braking could have had a less desirable affect.. So, we just coasted and held on…
Thankfully, we survived. Not sure what our top speed was in the end, but another trip to the laundry may not be a bad idea….

The upside to today is that we have knocked out 74 miles, and this was not flat terrain. And, even though it was a gloomy start, at 11am while we stopped in a diner in Lompoc, the clouds just melted away to clear blue skies in the space of about 20 mins. It felt like someone pushed the “clear the clouds” button.
We’re now writing this from the best campsite ever – Refugio State Beach Park. Hopefully the photos below will do it some justice. Oh and on the subject of photos, I innocently ordered a banana waffle in the diner this morning and this was what was delivered. I can vouch that there was some waffle and banana in there..








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2 Responses to Last day of proper climbs – wh-hoo!

  1. Patrick Wm Foster says:

    INCREDIBLE what you both have done. The last time I saw the Santa Barbara road sign was in 97′ when I went to visit some Monks who lived on the top of the mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They belong to Holy Cross Episcopal Monastery in West Park, New York of which I was a member a very , very long time ago. Their little Monastery was burned down in the big fire some years ago and from what I know the Monks are still in S.B. but at some other location. I slept on the beach with my dog and fell in love with Santa Barbara and realized going further South wasn’t an option. I do wish I could share this moment with the both of you on the beach however, the blog is going to have to do. Later, pwf

  2. Sarah B says:

    Are they serving up the whole content of the waffle maker as one portion?! AND top it up with double its volume in cream and chocolate syrup?! Woah… Only in the states…Just as well you guys clocked 74 miles beforehand… 😉

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