Santa Barbara – day 2

Fabulous day off in sun in Santa Barbara. Pretty lucky as we rocked into town on parade weekend so lots going on. Bands and dancing in the park. All good. Met unexpectedly with the Swiss contingent. And ended up sharing accommodation and out for a meal and drinks. A good night.

Can’t believe it’s only 2 days of cycling left until we get to LA! Looking forward to coastal route amongst the palm trees tomorrow.








About ittakestwototandem

Cycling from seattle to Los Angeles
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1 Response to Santa Barbara – day 2

  1. Ann Elsbach says:

    The trip from Santa Barbara is a beautiful one along the ocean a lot of the way. BUT, be really careful of car doors opening into you along the route. Then as you get closer to LA you will have some rolling city hills…and then, voila! You are there. I hope we will be able to stay in touch. I can send you some awesome photos of CA and perhaps you can send me some of your neck of the woods in GB. Thumbs up! Ann

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