Penultimate day…

Sunday 24th June

After decimating the hotel’s breakfast offerings of pastries and muffins (after all we needed something for a mid- morning snack as well), all five of us ( the 3 Swiss as well) left the hotel around 10am this morning.
Although we left together, the others had some errands to run so we agreed to meet later at the next campsite.
Navigating our way out of town proved a little more difficult for us today. Perhaps we were too busy being dazzled by the well manicured scenery or the $million pads. Whichever, we still managed to take a wrong direction and started to climb a large hill that wasn’t shown on our map. At least it was downhill to re-join the route.
This was our penultimate day on the bike which felt a little strange. It led us to chat about the past 6 weeks, the places we’ve been to, the people we’ve met and the experiences we’ve had. Glad we’ve recorded them on this blog as (we hope) it will always serve as a great reminder.
Dave the tandem has been faultless since the front tyre blowing on us just after San Francisco and I guess we have relaxed more as a consequence. That said, I inspected the rear tyre this morning to see that we now have a full circumference of tyre thread showing as it is so worn. Oops. Rightly or wrongly, we decided to ignore it and we hope that it can give us the final 90 miles of the trip.

After beaches and bike lanes, our first stop was the town of Ventura for some street-side sit down lunch. Feeling guilty about how much food we had eaten over the last couple of days, we decided to share one meal instead. Sadly this just turned into a competitive eating fest between is. It’s ok though, I think I just edged ahead in the final straight..

After lunch we decided to take I some culture, these being the museum in Ventura, and the Channel Islands visitor centre, a bit further down the road. Both very good, although we were the only people in the Ventura museum ( at 2pm on a Sunday) so not sure about its future.

After 57 miles we finished the day at Sycamore Canyon State Campground, the Swiss just pipping us to the post. Darn. Last day on the bike tomorrow…








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2 Responses to Penultimate day…

  1. Ann Elsbach says:

    I love reading your blogs and seeing your photos. It brings back such memories of the 3 SF-LA CA AIDS rides I did in the 90s. You have taken much the same route. Neat that you ran into the Swiss, too. Riding with others brings something special to the ride, something beyond companionship (which in itself is very welcome). Safe travels the rest of the way. Do send those of us who have followed you your email address so we can “chat” with you further about your travels. Cheers! Ann

  2. Sarah B says:

    This blog’s been awesome, excellent size companion to my coffee breaks over the past 6 weeks. To be fair though… Phil needs to get back to work, with gazillion questions to address!

    Not really gazillions, but we can’t have you switching off completely now, can we?

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