About Phil & Imo

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A Dawes tandem (called “Dave”), a trailer, some camping & cooking stuff.

Plus Phil & Imo, from Kent, UK.

We’re cycling down the Pacific Coast Highway from Seattle to LA over 7 weeks, a total distance of around 1,500 miles.

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Say Cheese

1,500 miles should wipe those smiles off…….

16 Responses to About Phil & Imo

  1. Jo and Henry says:

    OOH nice tandem! You will be grinning ear to ear by the time you get back, what an adventure!xx

  2. roganddee says:

    Funnily enough you’ll be a couple of weeks ahead of us on this route! We are currently in Vancouver and will spend the next couple of weeks biking through some of the Gulf Islands and on to the San Juan islands before heading to the States Mainland and the Pacific Coast Highway. Bon Voyage!!!

  3. Mike T says:

    That bike looks HEAVY, but definitely doing it the right way 31 miles a day should leave time for some R&R. Also sure there will be lots of freewheeling opportunities travelling in that direction. For some reason have an image in my head of Muns grinning like a cheshire cat with feet off the peddles while Imo sweats it out as Stoker behind ;o) Have fun guys (looking forward to catching up at lunchtimes already!

  4. Gareth says:

    I feel sorry for Imo, imagine spending all that time with your face so close to Munslow’s bottom! (We all know who will be in front).

    Have a great time, hope to see you safely back for HRR.

  5. Fredrik Eriksson says:

    Here we go again! You never cease to impress Im. This time with Phil!

  6. Tom Woolley says:

    Don’t forget the suncream ginge!!

  7. Sharif El-labany says:

    Good luck guys!

  8. Steve says:

    So they went early on Sunday, Dave stuffed in a box and rammed in the back of a taxi facing weeks of Munslows bum and hot arrid climate and thats just the weather. I know they will enjoy. Bon Voyage. PS say hello to Frasier in Seattle for me !

  9. jo massey says:

    Great reading your blog guys. Keep it coming

  10. Pauline Howes says:

    Thanks for your phone call. I was away for weekend in Edinburgh. Hope all is going well for you both. Look forward to hearing about your epic cycle ride, it certainly seems to have been memorable so far from your web site. Stay safe both of you.
    Love Uncle John & Pauline

  11. Sparks says:

    Hey guys, we are missing you but reading up daily and showing Daisy what her Godfather is up to.
    Must admit, I would have been more than tempted by the camper van… look out for banana slugs – they are impressive. Take care Love O,C,D X

  12. Peter says:

    Hey you guys,

    It looks like you’re having a great time and the photos are fantastic. I told you about those bloody meths burner contraptions. Camping gas every time ! Don’y worry IMO, Philip is a dab hand at fires just using his bare hands. Actually he’s better when there’s a duvet or gas bottle to help get the fire started. Philip, don’t rush back because the EA has decided the R. Thames and Medway are not sustainable and we have culverted them. The boats are now out in the channel. Sorry, have you got a bunk bed and en suite in that tent? Xxx

  13. Rich P says:

    Glad all is going well and the camping stuff arrived- I was beside myself when I heard that had gone missing. There’s no substitute for compounding hard physical activity during the day with a cramped stoney boudoir at night.

    If Mr Cope gives you any greif about the ‘visa’ incident just remind him it took you 750 miles to get a puncture. He didn’t even get out of London on the Paris Peddlars trip- 4 punctures in one day! Left him in Newhaven- liability.

    Loving the Blog- Keep them pedals turning and Happy Trails


  14. Bumble1 says:

    Since you guys are on a roll, a further 1,500 miles around France and Spain in 4 weeks time will be a doddle – leave the campervan at home. We’ll carry the puncture repair kit for you if that helps. Enjoy the sun.

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